1. This is amazing. You nail it completely. I bet that this truth goes over the heads of 90% of the people in this country. They might feel it down deep, but they cannot articulate it to themselves, so they just pursue the almighty dollar, the big house, the fancy car and when they hit 50 years old, they start taking Xanax just to get through the day. We do not have a culture in this country. Consumerism is not a culture. It’s a mental illness. My prayer for our society is that people wake up and realize what this article teaches – specifically: that having enough is MORE than enough… a modest home, a modest car, modest clothes, loving friends and family. You see the income divide in America getting wider and wider and you see more and more young people deluding themselves into thinking that they are rap stars and movie gods because they posted something on YouTube. The level of inauthenticity in our so-called culture is also to blame. We are not concerned with “what is”. We are only concerned with “what it looks like”. The image of the thing is more important than the thing itself, which is why we keep electing Congresspeople and Presidents (with the exception of Obama) who do nothing, are nothing, care not about the people, or about righting the wrongs in this once-great nation. To continue to think that we are #1 in the world is to delude yourself. All of the bravado, patriotism, and “rah-rah” is not going to save you if you do not have the courage and self-honesty to admit how deeply sick this nation is, how psychologically disturbed most people in this society are, and how the wealthiest people are slowly isolating themselves brick by brick into their own gated communities for fear of a monstrous societal breakdown. The common man in America is scary. He’s overweight, stupid, angry, bigoted, lazy, mean, and has zero concept that there is a whole planet humming along outside of the boundaries of his neighborhood and his own pin-point wide political beliefs that you can fit on half a cocktail napkin if you wrote them down. This article shows clearly how the American man got to be the way he is today – angry, dissatisfied, frustrated, unfulfilled. It’s so ironic. We have SO MUCH of everything that we are satisfied with NOTHING. The good thing is that you can change your own life. You do not have to go along with the dissatisfaction. You can set smaller, obtainable goals. You can live way within your means. You can leave in cheap housing, wear cheap clothes, drive cheap cars or take public transport. I think over time, the big suburban houses and the Mercedes Benz cars, and the kids named Ethan in private school is going to become looked upon as being nothing but a soul-drain and an anchor/inhibitor to personal freedom. In fact, I think that is already happening in a big way all over the place…. Anyways… this was a superb piece. Keep up the good work.


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