Why It Doesn’t Matter Who’s Elected President

The 2016 election cycle was like a personal tornado for me. It started out fast-paced and exciting. Everything was upside down. The Republican party had nearly twenty strong candidates that could have easily defeated Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton looked mortal against the onslaught of Bernie Sanders supporters, and Donald Trump possibly changed the political process …


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Will Nice Guys Always Finish Last in Politics?

There is a reason why the presidents who are elected during times of prosperity, and have prosperity throughout their tenure, are forgotten by history. There can be no great stories if there is no great conflict. In times of conflict, philosophic ideas and debates that center completely around the issues are not exciting enough and do not offer quick enough relief to the ills of the American people as concrete proposals. The Great Wall of Trump is so appealing because it offers a quick answer to a problem that Americans are worried about in a way that they understand. Continue reading Will Nice Guys Always Finish Last in Politics?

What We Learned from Last Night’s Debate

The second main stage Republican debate occurred last night, once more following the “kids’ round table” debate. Eleven of the top political powerhouses in the Republican Party faced off in front of millions of people to try to usurp Donald Trump and emerge dominant. Lots happened during the three hour debate, so I have decided to weed through all of the political mumbo jumbo and present you with the most important things that we learned from last night’s debate. Continue reading What We Learned from Last Night’s Debate

President Trump: America’s CEO

Donald Trump has as much potential as anyone else to be a good president. He has the ability to bring about change and “Make America Great Again”. Ronald Reagan was known as “the great communicator”. Trump could very well be remembered as “the great administrator”. Trump supporters have often pointed to ‘The Donald’s’ business experience as a main reason to elect him president. One of the top priorities of a business executive is to hire the right people to do the work for him. The president is the head of the executive branch and has a very similar job description. If Trump wants to be a successful president he will have to strengthen economic relations with foreign powers, make domestic reforms, and be the country’s CEO. Continue reading President Trump: America’s CEO

Why You Should Vote for Bobby Jindal

If elected he will be the first Indian-American president of the United States. However, it does not seem as though that matters at all to Governor Jindal. Although he is the son of Indian immigrants, the man who was born Piyush Jindal sports a southern accent deeper than George W. Bush’s and is tired of what he calls “hyphenated Americans”. He believes in one united people instead of self-segregating population that is constantly divided by race. Continue reading Why You Should Vote for Bobby Jindal