Will Nice Guys Always Finish Last in Politics?

There is a reason why the presidents who are elected during times of prosperity, and have prosperity throughout their tenure, are forgotten by history. There can be no great stories if there is no great conflict. In times of conflict, philosophic ideas and debates that center completely around the issues are not exciting enough and do not offer quick enough relief to the ills of the American people as concrete proposals. The Great Wall of Trump is so appealing because it offers a quick answer to a problem that Americans are worried about in a way that they understand.


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John Dickinson: Forgotten Founder (Part 2)

In the year 1786, many of the leading men of the country recognized that the Articles of Confederation were not working. A Constitutional Convention was organized in Annapolis, Maryland with John Dickinson serving as chairman.2 Dickinson’s time at the head of national politics was cut short because only five states sent representatives. The Annapolis Convention did, however, foster support for a later convention to amend the Articles of Confederation that would be held in Philadelphia. John Dickinson arrived at the Philadelphia convention on May 29, 1787 as a delegate from Delaware. At fifty-five years old, Dickinson was still a young man, though a lifetime of stress, debate, and illness added years to his appearance. (Flower, 240) Above all else, it was Dickinson’s wisdom that stood out most. In the waning days of the Constitutional Convention, Dickinson advised his fellow delegates that Continue reading John Dickinson: Forgotten Founder (Part 2)

John Dickinson: Forgotten Founder

Although he was a moderate conservative at the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention, Dickinson played a vital role in the pre-revolution activities of the seventeen sixties and early seventeen seventies. His pamphlet, Letters of a Pennsylvania Farmer denounced the heavily reviled Stamp Act and called for the colonists to demand their rights as British citizens. These early conflicts with Britain would demand much of Dickinson during his time in the Pennsylvania and Delaware Assemblies. Continue reading John Dickinson: Forgotten Founder