Why It Doesn’t Matter Who’s Elected President

The 2016 election cycle was like a personal tornado for me. It started out fast-paced and exciting. Everything was upside down. The Republican party had nearly twenty strong candidates that could have easily defeated Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton looked mortal against the onslaught of Bernie Sanders supporters, and Donald Trump possibly changed the political process …


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John Dickinson: Forgotten Founder

Although he was a moderate conservative at the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention, Dickinson played a vital role in the pre-revolution activities of the seventeen sixties and early seventeen seventies. His pamphlet, Letters of a Pennsylvania Farmer denounced the heavily reviled Stamp Act and called for the colonists to demand their rights as British citizens. These early conflicts with Britain would demand much of Dickinson during his time in the Pennsylvania and Delaware Assemblies. Continue reading John Dickinson: Forgotten Founder