President Trump: America’s CEO

5 thoughts on “President Trump: America’s CEO”

  1. I enjoyed reading your comments and remarks ,very much . I, being a very dissatisfied and disgusted AMERICAN SENIOR CITIZION with the way our politicians have misrepresented us in the past ! ——I feel it is time for us to HIRE an individual who has the proper EXPERIANCE and QUALIFICATIONS to run a large enterprise { which in all honesty is what the UNITED STATES of AMERICA } is !!! I Know that ,as you mentioned , MR. DONALD TRUMP already runs one of the larger corporations in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA . HE is NOT doing it for the MONEY !!! He knows how to hire the right people ! AND if they don’t do what he expects of them ! YOU know what he will do !!! HE WILL SAY, YOUR FIRED!!!!!! HE CAN NOT BE BRIBED, HE CAN NOT BE THREATENED, HE CAN NOT BE BULLIED or INTIMIDATED like the pansies we have in office now in Congress & the SENATE . I WAS RAISED to HONER, RESPECT, and EVEN DIE for the GOOD OLD U.S.A. !!!! I still would ,But I would not lift my little finger to protect a single POLITITION !!! FOR THEY ARE ALL AN INSULT TO THE HUMAN RACE !!!!!!!!


    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful response! I am so glad that the article resonated with you in a meaningful way! This was one of the easiest essays to compose. Your support and kind words mean a lot! Happy New Year!


  2. Trump would be able to do all you say and I suspect would find very qualified people to advise him. My problem is that he is unlikely to be able to deal with presidents, dictators, etc. of others on the world stage. Imagine him visiting Ali Khamenei and blurting out “you’re a stupid looser.” I also think foreign policy will be even more important for the next administration than even now. Personally I think Carson would likely find similarly very qualified people and be much more able to deal with the world leaders. Similarly, Carson would probably be more flexible in domestic matters – – perhaps more than I, as nearly a libertarian, would want. Trust is highly important in world affairs and (let’s face it) Carson projects trust; Trump not so much.


    1. I agree. The purpose of this site is to find the best in each candidate. These are not promotions for any candidate. I agree with you on Dr. Carson and wish my college schedule didn’t interfere so much. Thanks for commenting, it means so much. Have a great day!


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